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23 Aug 2019/ Aliza Pathak

2019 came with a new hope for the restaurant business along with increasing challenges. Food lovers in town abound and have started a trend of food hunt projects. You see Instagram feeds, Facebook ads, food channels and food bloggers everywhere!  Fitting inside the mushrooming restaurant industry in Nepal sounds challenging and promising at the same time.

If you are a restaurant owner or a restaurant manager, it is high time you rethink the promotion of your restaurant business in 2019. Here are some tips you need to skyrocket your restaurant business.

Make sure you have a dedicated website

Websites are the new addresses for restaurants. An attractive and responsive website with standard visual content can be a driving agent for your customers. Then, you need to publicize it on all advertising platforms of social media.

Prove your authenticity – Never underestimate the power of review sites

Review sites give the best voice to your restaurant. Never ever overlook the power of review sites. Getting ahead of the 2019 restaurant trends is all about your active participation in review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Zomato or Yellow Pages. Do respond to every positive and negative review of your restaurant and also use review sites to your advantage by adding your website link, updating business hours, menu and location.

Unlock the key of communication – Interaction- engagement- feedback

Loyalty is built when you interact and communicate with your users continuously. Use social media, digital tools and communication platforms to engage directly with your target audience. Also, encourage your customers to post their experience, share photos and write reviews. You can also host online contests and special events. Gather as much feedback as you can and use the knowledge about what people want and make changes to your business accordingly.

Realize the power of influencer marketing

Influencers are everywhere in the form of bloggers and online reviewers. The ones with large audiences have the power to influence and promote at the same time. So, online promotion works best when you start paid partnerships with celebrities or food bloggers. The youth of today are influenced by a lot more than just word of mouth.

Make wise use of incentives

Freebies and discount offers are one of the best ways to attract customers to a restaurant. But, you have to be extra careful while leveraging incentive programs. For instance, instead of giving a 20% discount on holidays, you can give out free drinks with every meal. You can also do things like giving out free appetizers, 2 for 1 deals, or anything economical that incentivizes customers to go to your restaurant.