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18 Mar 2020/ Sujan Pandey

There is more to developing websites than that’s visible to us. CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have made website design and development easier. But, there is more to developing a website than you might think and to really find out you have to speak with an expert in web design. There are few businesses that have fallen in the trap of agencies that promises huge results but have had no luck in getting organic traffic and generating leads. Ever wonder why your designed website does receive less to no traffic?  Here are 5 important things to keep in mind while building a website.

1. Goal of the Website

Overall, having a mission in mind for your website will help you set clearer objectives that will boost the entire planning process. Different websites have different purposes. Some websites are built just to attract traffic whereas some are designed to gather online sales. Before building a website, it’s important to ask “What exactly is my purpose in building a website?” These questions will build emphasis and help support the website project as a whole.

2. Web Design and Layout

A website’s UI/UX design has a psychological impact on how people react. If your website visitor finds the exact thing he/she has been searching for but your website user experience is poor then there is a high probability that he/she might exit your site without engaging or making a purchase. Nothing can top wonderful online user experience. Make sure your website navigation is exceptional so that you can redeem your visitors and turn them into customers. Quality and clean designs help viewers concentrate on the important content that you present, and your brand essence.

3. Site Performance and Speed

 Back in the days, I used to write qualitative content but never got any qualitative traffic. I was publishing and marketing content regularly but completely ignored website loading speed and performance. According to John Mueller a Google Webmaster Analyst, “Speed is definitely a ranking factor.” A website with optimized and fast response has huge benefits including an increase in return visitors, higher ranking in search engine and effective mobile performance. Before creating a website, it’s crucial to keep this in mind to ensure overall efficient efficiency.

4. Search Engine Optimization

 One of the most important aspects of website designing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sometimes having great content and other sleek functionalities without putting any effort into SEO can be worthless. SEO helps in creating brand authority, attracting organic visitors, acquiring quality backlinks and creating a better user experience. By creating a website with a clean SEO code, getting in front of the target audience becomes simpler.

5. Target Market

Knowing your target market and your customer’s expectation allows you to create a website that matched their expectation directly. A website for the sports industry will have a different target audience and market than one of the fashion industry. Understanding business requirements can help to explain web design, architecture, colors, theme style, call to action, and content creation and management strategy.

6. Security

As technology evolves, the challenge also increases for businesses to keep their personal and customer information. Web security has always been an important aspect of web development in order to prevent attackers from stealing sensitive information. SSL certificate ensures yours and the customer’s password and credit card credentials. In order to protect your website from attackers, use a strong password, implement XSS security, and add two-way authentication for your website login.   

7. Social Media Integration

The number of social media users is growing rapidly. There are more than 3.8 billion social media users in the world, representing 49 percent of the world’s total population. Social media has been one of the most powerful tools for business. Making sure your social media integration does fit with your brand and website design is vital. Adding sharing buttons on a website blog has been absolutely essential. It’s extremely critical to add a one-click method to follow business (website owners) over social media.

Website development is not as easy as it looks from outside. Designer, developer, SEO analyst, content creator and quality assurance are involved in the successful completion of any web project. As a website developer or agency, these things should be kept in mind and implemented.