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12 Oct 2018/ Sophia Erdmann

Happy workers are productive workers, there is no doubt about that. KlientScape's working method is based on the concept of happy and productive employees. If you are looking for a young and dynamic team to start your career with, don't be shy and contact us!

Team Work

At KlientScape Software, every department is inter-related and works with each other, no one works on their own. Everyone profits from knowledge and know-how of their co-workers. Finding solutions, solving problems and creating new ideas is much easier and much more effective if you do it with a KlientScape Software .

The Office Space

The open office is flooded with daylight, team meetings can happen in the main office or, a little bit more chill, in the bean bag area. Everyone can choose which seating position is the most comfortable for them. And if you need a break just go upstairs to the roof and enjoy the wonderful view of the skyline of Kathmandu.

The Employees

If you are looking for a young, happy and motivated team, full of skills and energy, you are in the right place. Common excursions unite a group, for work inside and outside of the office.


Programming software and writing codes sounds boring? Wrong! All of our employees work independent and are creative enough to create the perfect software and website. KlientScape Software only hires the most brilliant and creative minds who can think outside the box and is not afraid to make mistakes. No rules or boundaries here!

Growing and Learning

Wherever you are in your career, KlientScape Software can provide a learning and working atmosphere for interns, employees and managers. Everyone has the chance to grow as a person and be part of the evolution of the company.


There is so much to develop in the software segment and our passion is to be the first ones to find out about it. In all of our software products, the codes are clean, fresh and unique. Only because of that, we are able to fulfill all the customer wishes and are able to let every dream come true. Start thinking -maybe your invention will be the next major breakthrough in building software!


We have full access to the Network of International Trade Council due to our parent company KlientScape. This guaranties the contact and cooperation with some of the most successful and highest quality firms in Asia and beyond, to provide every employee the best chance possible for their career.


By the end of this blog post, you know a lot about KlientScape Software, now it is up to you to make your decision and get started. Just come to our office to get to know us better and start your dream career right now.