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20 Aug 2018/ Sugen Tuladhar

When you code, follow some of the tips that might lead you to #Booss Coding.

• Naming convention:

Naming convention is one of the most important aspects in any programming domain. We programmers mostly need to work in a team with other programmers working on a same problem, so we must use clear and understandable names of variables, functions, classes, etc. We should try to avoid using abbreviations. For example, let’s say you are using a variable or a class name ‘prod’ instead of ‘product’. Now if other programmers need to work on the same code then they will not understand what does ‘prod’ mean.

• Code indentation:

Indentation is another important aspect in any programming domain. But this is often the most neglected part during the programming and the developers are mostly reluctant to follow it. In my experience some of the most complex projects become uncontrollable due to bad code indentation. We need to understand that programming is not only to solve the problem but it is also an art of coding. And the most important part is that, as a developer you must be passionate about coding rather than force learning that disrupts the art of coding in your development work.

• Code reusability:

In programming, there are many techniques used by programmers to make their programming life easier and better. Various terms are used to convey the simplicity and compactness of a framework, such as Object-Oriented Programming. Reusability defines the methodology you can use to use similar code, without having to re-write it everywhere. There are many techniques to make code reusable. There is the general programming philosophy of Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) that states, “Every piece of knowledge must have a unique representation within a system”. This helps developers to maintain the structure of their applications from being messed up and frustrating when debugging the applications.