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06 Sep 2018/ Sneha Shrestha

Being a student, it is the high time that you need to incorporate some of your apps in your day to day life.

1. Cold Turkey

“For those who cannot stay away from their phones till last ounce of the battery.” It is great app for students especially when in exams. It gives you the option to block your phone from carrying out any activities for the time set by. The only things your phone does is its actual job ‘MAKING PHONE CALLS”.

2. LinkedIn

“For a professional profile” While everyone is uses Facebook and Instagram, but in today’s world to make a professional profile and have a strong profile LinkedIn in is a must.

3. Tootle

“For easy ride in busy road” Why ride when you can take a ride in cheaper and easier way. For students it is much of an issue when it comes to travel especially when you are always late for colleges. So why not use Uber of Nepal. Tootle for life.

4. Sleepo

“Music for concentration” Human mind needs certain period when it can stay calm and peaceful. To make it easy, sleepo is an app that helps you stay calm and concentrated with the feel of natural surroundings without have to worry about the timing to stop it or to get disturbed from any notification. Blend your type of name. enjoy beach, rainy days, alone nights with sleepo.

5. Splendor/ google calendar

“For easy task reminder” Google calendar is a great app to have your works tracked and notified. Not only it helps scheduling your plan but you can plan with your friends along. A great tool for classroom as well.

6. Camscanner

“Don’t like making notes??” Are you a student?? What kind of photos do you mostly have in your mobile phone?? Classroom notes might be the answer. Camscanner is the ultimate solution to reduce your workload from classroom notes. gives you the quality of your scanner where you can take pictures convert it into pdf in instance and study through it.