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06 Nov 2019/ Sujan Pandey

"We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” David Walmsley. The advancement of technology and digitalization has been the game-changer for every business or individual. The era of marketing professionals knocking on doors for goods-promotion has disappeared. Businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and developed countries are spending millions of dollars on digital marketing. However, things are a little different in Nepal. Digital Marketing is slowly entering the territory of Nepal.

Business entities in Nepal have a clear understanding of Digital Marketing and its implementation. But the consortiums in Nepal are a little hesitant about sparing part of the budgets on marketing. Most of the businesses are still following the traditional door to door method for marketing.

There is a huge misconception of individuals and businesses that Digital Marketing is simply the promotion of products and services on Facebook and Instagram. Many business entities have spent thousands on Social media marketing and got nothing in return. It’s the bitter truth of digital marketing in Nepal. What are business entities are doing wrong? Let’s analyze the fact and try to find some solutions.

Many small and big organizations are using Facebook and Instagram to advertise, sell their product and publish daily content. Organizations are trying their best to get likes and shares on their posts. Digital marketers tend to ignore conversion. Let’s take an example, Two businesses A and B spend 30$ to advertise on Facebook. Business A gets 50K likes on a post and 700 customers buy their product whereas Business B gets 10K likes and 2K customers buy their product. Here, business A clearly sold more product than and got his investment back. So why is B getting more sales than A when they both spend the same amount on advertisement?

Before you are marketing online, there are a few things marketers should keep in mind. You are reaching out to a diverse group of people and that needs to be taken into consideration when measuring your results. Before advertising, the company should research the target audience, location of the target, age group, and gender. If you are advertising a wedding dress for women, why would you target the male audience? Before you advertise, take such things into consideration. The same thing applies to Instagram.

Another big reason your post is not reaching enough audience is the quality of your post. Are you just throwing spam to customers' faces? Does your text outshine your image in your post? Always keep in mind, the more text in your image, the less your post reaches the audience. Try to balance it out.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media outlets in the world. However, people tend to forget that there are other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For example, if your business is targeted towards women why don’t you try Pinterest? About 70 percent of the total Pinterest users are female. The conversion rate of Pinterest is comparatively higher than other social media. According to Digital Marketer Neil Patel, “Two million Pinterest users save e-commerce based pins every single day.” More than two million people look on the Internet to buy products. According to Millward Brown Digital, 93 percent of active Pinterest users said they use the platform to plan for purchase.

Websites have always been the best strategy to communicate with your clients. Business firms are creating websites to sell their products and services on the Internet. Websites not only increase your visibility but also increase trust among clients. I have had encounters with a lot of business owners describing they had their website built at a low cost. Especially in Nepal, where there are organizations marketing to build websites at 10k or even 5k. I am not saying that those organizations produce low-quality websites but what about Search Engine Optimization? Here at Klientsoft, we not only design stunning websites but make your website visible on the various search engines.

There are lots of business websites which are not getting enough traffic. Many companies have been on the Internet but not getting enough customers. If your company is on the Internet for a couple of years, you should be getting thousands of visitors and customers. If not there must be something wrong going on.

Search Engine Optimization has been the major turnaround in the Nepalese market. Stay tuned for the latest blog on changes in Search Engine Optimization techniques and keyword analysis in Nepal. Good Luck.