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10 Jan 2020/ Sujan Pandey

Laravel is one of the most popular free open-source PHP web frameworks intended for the development of web applications. The exclusive and robust framework uses MVC which has an architectural pattern used for developing user interfaces. The main reason behind the excessive popularity of Laravel is its advanced feature of simple verification and also session handling, secure routing, unit testing and many more. These features have been the major attractions for small start-ups, medium and large scale enterprises for web development. Here are a few reasons why Laravel has been the number one framework for most web developers:

1) Authorization and Authentication

The PHP frameworks help with easy authorization and authentication techniques. Laravel offers simple implementation of authorization along with keeping tabs of every operation carried out by different employees. Apart from the implementation, Laravel offers a basic facility for access control that is well organized and easy to manage.

2) Security

Security has always been a major concern for web application developers. The PHP framework comes with built-in security attributes that will keep your web application a little far away from threats. The hashed password feature means the password will never be visible in the form of plain text. The security in Laravel prevents your web application from SQL injection, cookies. Cross-Site Request Forgery, Mass Assignment Vulnerabilities, Cross-Site Scripting and many more other forms of threat to security.

3) Database Migration

Laravel framework has become easier and faster for database migrations. Migrations are like version controls for your database, allowing your team to easily modify and share your application database. If you are on any other website or mobile application and you need to get the database, you can easily have it covered with the Laravel framework. Since Laravel keeps track of your migrations, if you decide to undo one, you can run migration rollback, to reverse previous migration.

4) Automation of Testing

Testing and verification of an application before its launch is vital for the software development team to ensure that the software will perform without any errors and is in line with the requirements. Automated testing helps to make the process faster and generates the exact results as manual testing. The Laravel platform supports testing with PHPUnit and is included out of the box. Laravel application provides a very fluent API for making HTTP requests to your application, examining the output and even filling out forms.

5) Inbuilt Libraries

Laravel Framework often aids the users with best, dynamic and pre-installed libraries which include Object-Oriented libraries that are unavailable in any other PHP framework. Laravel also offers various features like watchword reset, CSRF insurance, Carbon, encryption, authentication library, and many others.

6) A large Supportive community

The key benefit of using the Laravel framework is support from a large community of developers. Apart from string and helpful community support, there are hundreds of guides and learning resources available to understand and familiarize you with the Laravel framework. You can expect to get an answer to your problem in a short span of time from developers and users supporting Laravel.