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HR software, made easy!

All you need is a laptop with a webcam and HR Lite is ready for use. HR Lite is an online web application developed to carry out a number of HR functions like storing employee data, attendance records and other features to track any projects’ progress and receive daily reports from your employees. This is the most cost effective solution as it only requires an internet connection to operate while removing the hassle of buying expensive equipment like biometric scanners or computers. You use your phone to view attendance, approve or disapprove any leave requests, track a project’s progress, access employee’s information, etc.

Software Features

Automatic Attendance Tracking

Attendance is marked with time stamps while taking a real time photo from the device used. This makes for accurate attendance timing and removes the possibility of human errors. Admins can view attendance reports marked with different colors for quick and easy viewing. The attendance is displayed in both Nepali and English calendars.

Daily Reporting

Each user can submit their daily reports from within the software. This can help you analyze the time taken on each project, number of employees involved in a particular project, idle time etc., helping productivity in your Company.

Organized reports

Our system generates automated organized reports. You can easily view and print daily reports on each project or staff. You can also quickly find employee details like contact addresses and mailing addresses.

Centralized data storage

Whether you have multiple branches scattered over different locations or different departments within one company, all your employees database will be stored on a centralized system which can accessed on your devices from anywhere in the world.

Plan ahead

This system has an inbuilt calendar, where you can enter upcoming company events, special holidays, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. and your entire staff will be notified. Status and deadlines can be set on all projects helping you plan your projects, both present and future, better.

Unlimited Users

Say goodbye to costs per user as HR Lite allows you to have unlimited users working simultaneously from different locations.
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Responsive on All Devices

The program is tailored to work on all screen sizes with the ease of clocking in from one device and clocking out from another device.

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Pricing Table:

  • Monthly
  • NPR. 999.99
  • USD 9.99
  • 1 GB online storage
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • Yearly
  • NPR. 9999.99
  • USD 99.99
  • 2 GB online space
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • One License
  • NPR. 29,999.99
  • USD 299.99
  • 5 GB online storage
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional