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Massmailer software, made easy!


Mass-mailer is a customized mass mailing solution designed for large databases. Mass Mailer works seamlessly with all KlientScape products, including Travolution and Quick Accounts. You can import your Client-base and send mass customized e-mails for Marketing, Announcements and more.

Software Features

Easy Database Import

Massmailer can import database from excel files easily and provide options to edit your database online.

Multiple Attachments

You can browse through your computer or use the easy drag and drop feature to send multiple attachments to each email.

Pause/Stop to edit

You can easily pause mails that you have sent to make quick edits should you find some mistakes or omissions and send the rest of the emails.

Personalise each email

You can personalise each email by creating custom fields. Name, address, bill amount etc. will be different to each email that you send, making it a perfect tool for sending invoices, newsletters etc.


Massmailer is free from any adware or other malicious programs and uses advanced security measures to keep all your data secure and private.

Use your own Domain

Massmailer can be configured to use your own domain name. You can also choose to use your own server to send emails.

Scheduled E-mails

You can schedule your mails to be sent at the time you wish to send, even when you have your computers switched off. You can choose the body message, and personalize each email from the database easily. Emails like important notice, memos, and reminders can be scheduled ahead of time making it easier to send right mail at the right time.

Recurring E-mails

You can send easy recurring emails to the clients in your database. Send birthday wishes on their birthdates without having to remember all your clients’ date of birth. You can also choose your recurring mails to be daily, weekly, monthly or customize them regarding to your requirement.

Customised Look & Feel

Massmailer is highly customisable, and you can choose to have your own logo, colour combination and design elements.
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Stop Calling it Spam

With Massmailer, each email is personalized and sent individually, with mili-seconds of time between them to drastically reduce the chances of your email ending up on Client’s Junk Email Folder.

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Pricing Table:

  • Monthly
  • NPR 2499.99
  • USD 24.99
  • 2 GB online storage
  • 5 users
  • Server hosting optional
  • 1 company
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • Yearly
  • NPR. 24,999.99
  • USD 249.99
  • 5 GB online storage
  • 10 users
  • Server hosting optional
  • Upto 3 companies
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • One License
  • NPR. 89,999.99
  • USD 899.99
  • 10 GB- optional online storage
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • unlimited companies
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional