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HR Assistant & Payroll Manager

HR Assistant & Payroll Manager

  • DATE: 23 Mar 2016
  • Category:Software

Manage attendance, projects, payroll and to-do lists from the cloud. HR Assistant is a cloud-based proprietary software equipped with powerful functions that can be accessed from anywhere. You could choose to assign your staff projects and monitor the progress from anywhere in the world. 

This software can be used by anyone regardless of nature of their work. Many of us find it quite difficult to manage our workforce but now imagine you could manage the work of your entire company on a single piece of software. Stay updated on employee attendance and working hours. Receive and send reports on every project from and to your various departments. The genius of HR lies on its simplicity and thoroughness. It’s straightforward and very efficient.

HR gives you the unique overview on the progress of work specific to the demands of your company.

Price starts from Nrs. 50,000.00

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