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Mass Mailer

Mass Mailer

Mass mailer is a customized mass mailing solution designed for large databases. Klientscape's Mass Mailer is a customizable mass mailing software that can send emails to thousands of people while ensuring they won't be sent to your recipient’s bulk email folders.

How our mass mailer does this is by sending every email at a slightly different time, something bulk mailers cannot do.

It can also send scheduled emails. What this means is- You can compose an email for a future date for one or thousands of people months in advance.

It also allows you to sort your clients' database according to different attributes- gender, organization, etc. You can also add your own field. (for example: frequent guests)

It can also automatically send an email that you choose to make the default birthday message to your clients on their birthdays, along with recurring daily, weekly, and monthly emails.

Mass Mailer works seamlessly with all KlientScape products, including Travolution and HALO. You can import your Client-base and send mass customized e-mails for Marketing, Announcements and more.

Whether you’re in corporate, service, production or even show business you have thousands of email contacts that require the same message but with a personal touch. This software gives you a level of discretion required that the humble bcc can’t. Email a massive number of contacts that your usual domain restricts.   

Price starts from Nrs. 50,000.00

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