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Do you own a business that requires software of any kind? We build software from scratch, show you designs, discuss on how to improve on it, incorporate your ideas, and give you a reliable product that’s suited to your exact needs. We have built software for small and big businesses including hospitals, travel agencies, restaurants, and many other private businesses. Tell us your exact specifications and we will build software that meets your need.


A lot of work and planning have gone into building Quick Accounts for building an accounting software that requires users to have little to no training. Developed with the help of leading accountants, each with over decade of experience, with years of planning, Quick Accounts is in a league of its own.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a light weight application that allows you to keep track of your stock in different location. You can easily transfer your stock to and from different locations, and make adjustments during sales or purchases.

HR Lite

All you need is a laptop with a webcam and HR Lite is ready for use. HR Lite is an online web application developed to carry out a number of HR functions like storing employee data, attendance records and other features to track any projects and progress and receive daily reports from your employees. This is the most cost effective solution as it only requires an internet connection to operate while removing the hassle of buying expensive equipment like biometric scanners or computers. You use your phone to view attendance, approve or disapprove any leave requests, track projects and progress, access employee's information, etc.

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Create amazing websites that can do anything from display information to sell your product online. We build websites of all shapes, sizes, and colors for businesses of any scale.


Have an idea for an app? We’ll build it for you exactly the way you want it. We build fast, reliable apps that can turn your idea into a success story.


Our graphics team can come up with all kinds of images depending upon what is required. Let us know if you need anything from a simple logo to artistic renderings of any kind