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Do you own a business that requires software of any kind? We build software from scratch, show you designs, discuss on how to improve on it, incorporate your ideas, and give you a reliable product that’s suited to your exact needs. We have built software for small and big businesses including hospitals, travel agencies, restaurants, and many other private businesses. Tell us your exact specifications and we will build software that meets your need.

Quick Bills

Quick Bills is a handy tool that generates all kinds of invoices, bills, or tabs in a flash. Billing has never been this easy. Quick entry of data and numbers along with quick distribution of bills to clients compelled us to name the program Quick Bills.

Truffle Takeaway

Truffle Takeaway is an advanced version of POS that allows you to maintain stocks as well. It can be an ideal solution for any café, bakery or takeaway restaurant. This lightweight software allows you to manage restaurant that serves takeaway. If you want to manage inventory with quick response time, Truffle Takeaway can be one of the best solution. As the software is designed for restaurants that require no table management .Should you require those features, Truffle will have you covered.

Innova Lease Management

Innova Lease Management software is a lease management software for shopping and antique malls. Manage floor space, renters, reserved and available spaces on Innova. Innova lease management software is designed by expert professionals and widely appreciated for easy installation and optimization.  Contract Management, Sales Automation, Reporting-Dashboard-Analysis, Workforce and complain management, Asset Management, Budget Management, and Alert and Notification Management in our software makes Innova one of the best in the market. 

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Create amazing websites that can do anything from display information to sell your product online. We build websites of all shapes, sizes, and colors for businesses of any scale.


Have an idea for an app? We’ll build it for you exactly the way you want it. We build fast, reliable apps that can turn your idea into a success story.


Our graphics team can come up with all kinds of images depending upon what is required. Let us know if you need anything from a simple logo to artistic renderings of any kind