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Travel agency software, made easy!

Own a travel related company? Use our hassle-free and easy-to-use software that lets you do everything your business demands. From creating packages and managing customers to accounting, Travolution does everything for you in a user-friendly environment that is very easy to understand. Budgeting, creating reports and statements, client management, assigning different packages to different groups or FITs, we have thought of everything that can help you go paperless and manage every aspect of your business from one place. It’s certainly a revolution in running a travel agency. Check out our demo and see for yourself.

Software Features

Itinerary Creation

With Travolution, you can easily create your Itinerary packages and easily load them with a click of a button. You can add locations, guides, lunch and dinner locations, accommodation- essentially everything in an itinerary. You can also save rates for another group next time.

Multiple Companies

You can create multiple companies and easily switch between them, or view Grouped Reports of all your companies. You can also re-assign entries from one company to a different one.

Multiple Foreign Currencies

You can create multiple foreign currencies that you work with, and easily change currency rates from day to day.

Manual Tax Settings

You can create your own tax rules within Travolution, such as Sales Tax, VAT, SST etc. and Travolution will seamlessly integrate them and create tax reports for easy viewing.

Easy Billing

Create your sales bill by importing data from your Group or FIT info. Travolution will also show you your gross income from that particular group.

Go Paperless

With Travolution, you can go paperless, from emailing your invoices to electronically sending reservation requests to your partners.

Client Management

You can assign guides, enter client information, and customize your packages for individual clients. You will automatically receive birthday notifications, arrival and departure notifications, etc. You can also export all your Client Data for marketing purposes.


From Arrival and Departure information, to Gross and Net Profit Ratios, you can view everything you want on your dashboard. We will customize your dashboard to suit your needs.

Multiple Users

You can assign specific tasks, send direct messages, or group chat with all users. You can also assign permission levels to your employees, and view their activity logs, making sure everyone only sees what you allow them to see.
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Complete Accounting Solutions

Travolution comes equipped with a complete accounting package with automated fraud prevention notifications. Administrators are notified of any rate changes or unapproved entries.

You can also create multiple budgets, journal entries (Single and Multiple,) Party Payments etc. All your data is calculated on-the-fly. View your trial balance, profit and loss statements, or even group reports with ease.

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Pricing Table:

  • Monthly
  • NPR 5499.99
  • USD 54.99
  • 2 GB online space
  • 10 users
  • Server hosting
  • Up to 2 companies
  • Hosted by KSOFT
  • up to 10 currencies
  • Yearly
  • NPR. 59,999.99
  • USD 599.99
  • 5 GB online storage
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • Up to 5 companies
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • Unlimited currencies
  • One License
  • NPR. 149,999.99
  • USD 1499.99
  • 10 GB- optional online storage
  • unlimited users
  • Server hosting optional
  • unlimited companies
  • Hosted by KSOFT optional
  • Unlimited currencies